Try one of these products to make an incredibly flavorful and hearty Julien – the result of your culinary labors you will like it! Your guests will be satisfied, none of the supplements will not give up!

We need:

- 200 grams of shrimp without shells, salmon (get the fillet);

- 200 ml natural yogurt;

- 100 grams of shrimp shells;

- juice of one lemon;

- a piece of Parmesan cheese;

- dill, spices.

1. First, wash the salmon fillet, then cut it into small pieces, season with a little salt. Put in a pan, pour in the yoghurt and simmer for ten minutes. From time to time stir, so the fish is not burnt and left in whole pieces.

2. In lightly salted water, boil until cooked all the shrimp, remove from pan, cool. Shrimp shells can be postponed – we'll want them later, but all the rest cut into small pieces.

3. Chopped shrimp, send the salmon. Slice the washed fennel and also send the pan, pour in the fresh lemon juice. Now decompose the resulting mass on the portion of the cocotte.

4. Grate the Parmesan cheese, sprinkled on each serving Julien, put in heated to 180 degrees oven for five minutes.

5. During this time should be Golden brown. Cooking time in the oven and can last up to ten minutes dependent on your oven. Shrimp shells decorate the finished dish.

In this form, and serve unusual Julien salmon with shrimp is ready! Its taste will impress even the most fastidious meal will definitely be a success!