The effect is always the same – meals will be very successful! And add to the peas to cucumbers and eggs salad at once is more nutritious and hearty!

We need (the amount taken is arbitrary and depends on the desired number of servings and your taste):

- canned green peas;

- pickles;

- boiled eggs;

- vegetable oil, vinegar;

- parsley, salt, dill – take it at will.

1. Well, let's start cooking with cucumbers – slice them in cubes and mix immediately with the peas. Only pre-all liquid from the peas need to be drained for the salad it was not required.

2. Vinegar and oil mix together. Optionally, in such an easy salad dressing you can add dried garlic – it adds spice to the dish. But if you don't like it, it is do plain salt. Again, the amount of salt will depend on the degree of salinity of cucumbers.

3. Pour dressing peas with cucumbers, add chopped fresh herbs. Mix thoroughly. Boil eggs in advance, peel, cut into slices.

Salad of green peas with cucumber in front of you – there are only serve it. Lay out salad a hill on a wide plate, decorate a circle with slices of boiled eggs. Serve immediately while cucumbers are not "flowed". Of course, you can fill these products and mayonnaise – then it turns out more satisfying option.