Even in a festive menu to include such a shame! And bright color of the finished salad can not but rejoice, green promotes good appetite!

We need (the quantity is taken arbitrary, depends on your taste and the desired number of servings):

- cucumbers;

feta cheese;

- apples;

- cress;

- eggs;

- sour cream.

1. Wash the apples, remove the cores, but the peel is optional. Apples will only add to salad brightness.

2. Wash cucumbers, cut into small cubes together with the prepared apples. You can cut the ingredients into strips – as you like.

3. Grate cheese. Eggs is to cook in advance. Peel them, finely chop with a sharp knife and mix with cheese.

4. Add in cheese and apples to cucumbers, mix thoroughly.

5. Watercress wash, dry on paper towels, chop them with a knife or tear with your hands into not very large pieces. Send in salad, stir. Is a light cucumber salad with feta cheese and watercress salad low-fat sour cream. This is already being done just before serving.

You can prepare foods in advance, put in a sealed tray and take it with you for lunch or make a salad the day before a holiday, then it was less work in the kitchen.