For the tails you will need:

— 1 Cup of rice (preferably steamed).

— 1 jar of canned fish (preferably in oil, but come with the enclosure).

— ready waffle cones.

— 2 small onions.

— vegetable oil for frying.

— salt, pepper to taste.

This simple set of products will run you cheap. And the cooking is very simple:

— wash rice several times under running water and boil until tender (grandma) was added to the water for cooking, a little vegetable oil and the rice will not stick together).

— onion peel and cut up very fine.

— canned food together with liquid in a bowl and mash with a fork, bones to pick.

mix preserves, onion, iris. Season with salt and pepper and stuff the mixture in the cones.

— the eggs a little whisk with a pinch of salt.

— stuffed cones dipped in beaten eggs and immediately fry in hot pan until Golden brown.

We can eat hot, cold though still tasty.

If instead of cones to take a little wafer cakes, the filling should be put between the two cakes. Dip the design into the egg and get the meatballs. You can just to the mince add the egg and fry normal fish cakes. They need to pyrovate in flour.

My grandmother never discouraged. She said that everything will be fine. She lived a difficult but happy. Let us be optimistic, because happiness in life depends only on us.