The carbohydrates contained in the bread from coarse flour or pasta, put the brain cells with the necessary energy. Cereals contain b vitamin that supports the concentration. Two slices of this bread every day for Breakfast and a Cup of coffee will provide optimum start of gray cells, as in the night time in the human brain increases the concentration of adenosine, which inhibits thinking processes. Caffeine also counteracts the action of adenosine.

Prolonged intensive communication and continuous exchange of positive emotions with friends and family increase intellectual health as well as social contacts lead to the formation in the brain new nerve cells and connections between them. The man, surrounded by friends, the degree of release of stress hormone is much less, therefore significantly increase the body's defenses and mental stability.

Regular physical activity. Hiking, Biking, swimming take care of good blood circulation throughout the body and in the brain. Scientific studies say that daily exercise for one hour increase brain activity and improve mental processes, contribute to a better memorization of new information. Along with this reduced the risk of development of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The effect of blue fruit, purple color with daily use can be called a small miracle. The pigment contained in the grapes, plum, blueberry anthocyanin, protects the nerve cells of the brain from harmful external influences. To the same effect three oranges used throughout the day. The elements included in their composition, allow nerve cells will Mature and form more connections.

The researchers proved that any innovation puts the brain into a state of positive excitement, in the familiar and familiar is not happening. Learning something new makes sense at any age. In this important and personal interest, and get the actual pleasure from the new experience.

It is interesting that tomatoes support a healthy brain: a pigment fisetin stimulates the nerve cells that are responsible for the condition of long-term memory. Support for this can be eating leafy vegetables lettuce. Its constituent substances activate the delivery and preservation of oxygen in the brain, and broccoli delivers a lot of iron and calcium, essential for thinking and learning.