Ingredients for the dough:

  • Sugar - 25 g;
  • Milk or water - 500 ml;
  • Salt - 25 g;
  • Sifted flour - 1 kg;
  • Yeast - 25 g dried or g fresh 11.

The ingredients in the filling:

  • Ground pepper – ¼ tsp;
  • Water - half-full glass;
  • Fatty beef -1,4 kg;
  • Salt
  • Onions - 250 g;
  • Fat for frying - 200 g


  1. Start with the test. Put in a bowl the flour, it is required to sift through. Separately in warm water or milk breed yeast with salt and sugar.
  2. We make a small depression in the mound of flour. Right into it pour the yeast composition, then stir vigorously with a spoon or whisk.
  3. Now make a soft dough. After working with him, cover with a linen towel and let "rest" for half an hour in the heat.
  4. In order not to waste time, prepare the filling. Mince the beef in the beef along with peeled onions. We pour salt and spices.
  5. After stirring, pour the cooled water, about 190 ml. After another stirring the filling for belyashi can be considered ready.
  6. When the dough is ready, separate from the balls the size of a hen's egg. Just get about 20 pieces. Each roll out the cake into 4 mm thickness.
  7. Spread stuffing on each piece of dough: put exactly on the middle (usually one product takes a tablespoon with a small slide). Then the edges of the pellet gently zasiyaet – therefore, to get a kind of cold cheesecake and the filling was a small hole.
  8. Now the tat will fry in well-heated vegetable oil (originally in the pan, only pour half the rest of the oil is added in portions as needed). Cakes be sure to put the hole down when they are browned (2 minutes), flip and continue to cook on the other side. Support the average power of the fire.

Hearty and tasty hot belyashi with the first cooking will love your whole family!