• Smoked sausage - 50 g;
  • Parsley - 3 sprigs;
  • Vegetable oil - 70 g;
  • Chicken egg - 1 piece;
  • Onion - 110g;
  • Dill - 3 sprigs;
  • Sausage - 120 g;
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper (to your taste);
  • Potatoes – 0.5 kg.


  1. For pancakes we select only high-quality, dense potatoes without any flaw. Thoroughly washed and dried. Then remove peel and chop up the tubers on a medium grater.
  2. Onions onion will make our products not only taste good, but softness. Clean it from the husk, cut (now on a small grater) and combine with grated potatoes. Liberated juice in any case we should not merge!
  3. Stir the composition and the input raw egg. Add flour in small portions, while stirring. The test relies homogeneous texture without flour "Islands".
  4. Sausage products should ideally be prokopchenko, in this case, the pancakes have a delicious flavor. Clean sausage with sausage from casing and cut into small slices maximum. Put in the dough and mix again.
  5. Opolaskivaniem and shred the greens. It can be parsley, dill, cilantro, or even a combination of both. A great choice will be dry spices, particularly Basil and celery. Sent to the potato mixture and do not forget to stir.
  6. Heat oil in a frying pan. Blend the dough in small portions and fry the pancakes until Golden "blush" on both sides.
  7. Hot products stacked on a paper towel – it will delay the excess oil.

Serve pancakes immediately while warm (although it should be noted that chilled is great taste). Add a fresh vegetable salad or garlic sour cream sauce and the result will exceed all expectations!