The first thing to consider when adherence to this diet is the number of portions consumed per day, there should be from five to six. It is connected first of all with a poor appetite, the patient, and besides, frequent small servings do not give large load on the liver. As salt helps to detain in the body fluid, then its use must be limited to five grams a day, or even up to four.

The food should be neutral in temperature, about 16 degrees, so as not to irritate the digestive system. Daily should drink up to 2.5 liters of fluid. As for tea and coffee, they should not be strong. Also in this diet is absolutely contraindicated alcohol in any form, at least for seven months. There is a list of foods that are forbidden with hepatitis A, they cause an additional load on the liver and therefore should be excluded. These include:

  • Pastries (muffins, greasy fried pancakes);
  • The soups (oily, thick broth);
  • Meat (any oily fish and meat);
  • Canned products (canned food, smoked foods, marinades);
  • Milk products (whole milk, cream, sour cream);
  • Food supplements and various condiments (margarine, mayonnaise, ketchup, spices, spicy seasonings, vinegar);
  • As well as various sweets and drinks (ice cream, strong coffee and tea, soda, cakes, rolls, chocolate).

With this diet you can eat foods which are easily digested, do not overload the stomach, causing a feeling of heaviness. To prepare food need a or cooking, can bake, but in any case not fry. Also in the daily diet might include a little milk, sausage, pilaf, without meat, boiled or baked lean fish, boiled seafood, milk with low fat, salads with fresh vegetables, sour berries or fruits, dill and parsley.

Such a diet contributes to the appearance of appetite, which is important for the patient, normalizes the liver, and the vitamins in these products improves the mood and promotes recovery.