Grace in strength or a bit of history

Sports dances have their origin in the distant past, when during the balls on the floor and performed a waltz, a quadrille, Boston and many other dances and in the villages the people were dancing under the lady and the bull's eye. Later came groups of dancers, who constantly replenish your stock of knowledge and developed abilities. Further, formed associations, unions and other such dance organizations. Were held competitions among dancers. In the recent past, due to the constant dynamic development and regularly rising the results of ballroom dancing changed their name to sports and competitions up to these competitions and tournaments.

And here begins the show! The viewer is immersed in the ocean of passion. Crazy rhythm, the passion, the brilliance of the fire in the eyes of the contestants makes my heart race. And the next moment the viewer is floating in a soft and mysterious cloud of tender waltz.

And now a little about the earth

Ballroom dance involve couples. It often happens that you find a partner, that boy pretty hard. And, growing up, the boy-dancer can give preference to a power or team sports. The girl will again have to start searching for the pair. Frequent workouts, trips to competitions require considerable physical and material inputs. Do not forget about expensive suits. If, on balance, a positive decision very soon parents with bated breath will watch over his small but brighter burgeoning star!