The most popular trendsetter of fashion BC was an Egyptian concubine who had to look at the highest level for the seduction of kings. They invented new forms of precious metals every time to impress their masters with their magnificence. In addition, some civilizations such ornament as a bracelet was a symbol of power and were allowed to use it exclusively people, who ruled the state. Since time immemorial, gold was considered a lot of rich and influential people.

In the history of the bracelets over time there have been many changes, and the value of the use of bracelets was radically different. As a rule, the bracelets are used to maintain style and are used by both women and men. There are several popular varieties of wristbands which is used by many trendsetters:

Bracelets chains

A favorite option for both men and women. For women the best fit bracelets elegant shape with a few links. They give the image an unprecedented elegance and perfectly match with traditional outfits. For men will be more solid option. It is suitable for absolutely any style and highlights the authoritativeness, seriousness and masculinity.

Bracelets in the form of harnesses

Most suitable for use in casual or for a "Casual" style. Bracelets-plaits are made of different precious metals: gold, platinum or silver. The silver option is best suited to perform everyday style tasks.

Massive bracelets in the form of plates

Typically, these decorations have a massive form, may be rounded or geometric patterns. It all depends on what preferences a person has. A great option to complement an evening outfit. You can also use in addition the whole set, United by one form.

Bracelets quite a claim option jewelry, which can set a definite direction for the use of other items of jewelry.