Where's the sculpture?

The trend of this season are the so-called sculptural bracelets. No one will argue that such jewelry looks original. They are a real mini work of art. Different weave, fancy transitions, add some extravagance and futuristic. In this case, imagination is where carousing.

Large size

As in other jewelry, and on-site bracelets, solidity remains the leader. These bracelets are created to draw attention to themselves and on the handle of his mistress. Popular bracelets in absolutely any combination.

Spinning, spinning the ball...

Balls is an interesting and beautiful idea. The hands of fashionistas adorned with stone and metal beads. Unusual look and the fur clumps. Looks elegant pearls. These decorations are welcome in a single line, or as whole sets.

Here and strap

Trend 2016 – bracelet-strap. This is a great item for everyday casual style, relaxed and casual. But other outfits this bracelet will not spoil.

Much more?

The hit of the season 2016 bracelets-hoops, wide and unusual. They gently wrap around the handle, look elegant and unusual.

Unusual eclectic

A fusion of styles – an ingenious solution, but at the same time super fashionable. The combination of styles hippies and Hollywood chic – a boom this season. Unusual small parts perfectly match and complement each other.

Thus, it wouldn't be too hard to find something suitable for yourself. The main thing is to combine jewellery with the outfit, not to go beyond style. Despite all this, all is welcome extravagant, and the thirst for experimentation, most likely, never be appeased. All this combined with the fashionable bracelets.