Rice contains many vitamins and minerals. It performs in the body the role of "sponge", that is, absorbs harmful and not needed toxins, salts, toxins, cholesterol, sugar. There are even special programs to cleanse the body on the basis of Fig.

Rice diet lasts for two weeks. During this time, you can not only get rid of unnecessary centimeters, but also bring harmful toxins. They affect the flexibility of the joints. They penetrate into the blood and thus poison her, taking away youth and beauty of the body.

Rice contains lanolin acid and protein. These substances allow you to saturate the body. Hunger quite a long period will not occur. Thus diet is considered to be quite comfortable.

Rice diet plan is ideal untreated brown rice. Untreated it is needed because there is a high content of minerals that are very beneficial to the body. During the diet excluded from the diet spicy and fatty foods, and alcohol. In rice diet the most important is the correct preparation of rice. It is necessary to prepare four bowls of small size and four glass cups.

The first day you need to wash two tablespoons of rice and pour one Cup of cold water and leave in one of the four bowls. On the second day do the same, but the rice put in the second bowl. And pic in first bowl, rinse and fill a glass of water. So you need to make four days and in the end, all four bowls will be filled. When the rice is ready, start to do the diet and this will be the fifth day.

Rice is boiled for Breakfast. Do not add salt or butter, eat only rice. In the vacant first bowl again to soak the rice. To eat after taking rice can be no earlier than a couple of hours. During the diet should reduce the intake of salt. This is important because during this diet salt from the body out, and salted products it returns. Such a scheme is necessary in order to make the rice sit for four days. Diet brings great benefits to the body and its easy to follow. Remember, diet you can apply a maximum of two times per year.

The body and body will thank you.