• Chicken breast – 1 kg;
  • Eggs – 3 PCs;
  • Starch – 3 tbsp;
  • Mayonnaise – 1 jar (250 g);
  • Salt, pepper – to taste.


  1. Frozen chicken breast, wash under running cold water, give water to drain, be dried with a paper towel, and while it's still not too melted, cut into pieces about the size of a fingernail.
  2. Break in sliced chicken breast eggs and mix well. After that, add three tablespoons of starch and pour a jar of mayonnaise. Again mix well.
  3. The dough optionally, you can add hot sauce or finely chopped garlic, chopped dill, parsley or Basil, any spices that are more to their liking. Experimenting with different spices, taste landeryou, each time can be changed, making them tangy, spicy and savory taste.
  4. After adding all the ingredients again to knead the mixture and leave overnight in a cool place in order the sliced chicken pieces marinated and have a sweet smell of added spices.
  5. In a pan pour vegetable oil, heat and switch to medium heat. Andariki spoon and fry over medium heat, first on one side then the other, until each side browned or a Golden crust, if desired.

Feeding andariki can as a main dish with boiled potatoes or rice, and you can just get them a tea party.