The necessary ingredients for main dish:

  • fillet of salmon or trout - 200 g;
  • puff unleavened dough - 20-30 g;
  • peeled shrimp, boiled - 30 g;
  • cheese mousse - 50 g;
  • a pinch of black sesame.
  • greens;
  • 1 egg;
  • tablespoon of sour cream;
  • butter — for greasing the pan;
  • salt;
  • pepper.

For cheese-mushroom mousse:

  • onion — half small onions;
  • mushrooms - 100 g;
  • cream cheese, soft type "Philadelphia" — ' 75

The cooking process

Prepared salmon fillet cut into pieces of 2-3 cm, cut each slice folded in the middle and "butterfly". Roll dough about the size of 10x10 cm, placed on it two slices of salmon, salt, pepper. Distribute on top of cheese-mushroom mousse, spread it on the shrimp and sprinkle with chopped greens. Cover the fish test, samipya to the edges. Lubricate the whipped with a whisk egg with sour cream, sprinkle with sesame seeds. Baked in the oven at a temperature of +180 °C for 15 minutes. Pre-oiled baking sheet.

Total cooking time - 40 minutes.

Cheese-mushroom mousse

Onions finely shred and fry with chopped mushrooms, whipped in a mixer with the addition of cheese to a sour cream consistence. For a side dish you can serve boiled, cut into slices potatoes.

Decorate the dish with lettuce leaves, lemon wedges and pickled cranberries.

Lovingly laid table and the drink will turn a meal into a real treat.