You will need
  • cloth;
  • patterns;
  • -threads;
  • -needles;
  • -a sewing machine.
The costume ninja includes quite a large number of clothing items. One of them is basic - the anorak or pullover. Sew easy scheme shirt. The only thing you need to consider when the pattern is that the sleeves should be about 3/4 hard and without cuff, like a shirt. Remove the measurements and build the pattern on the paper. After transfer it on the fabric and before cutting (instead of the two shelves make whole cloth) and back. In addition to refuse cuffs and also collar. Best cutting the neck in a semicircle. Finish the edges vsheyte sleeves. Your anorak is ready.
Then take the pants. Their easiest to do on the basis of the pattern of the jumpsuit. Take it from the top, leave only the main part of the belt. Cutting the fabric, sew and finish the edges. Work the belt line. Then lightly zauzete of the bottom leg, just crummy at the edge of the rope, which can be a bit on the ankle to pull up his pants.
Vest for the ninja from complete contrast to the overall color of the suit fabric. For its manufacturing take a piece of fabric, fold it in half. In the middle cut hole for head in the shape of a triangle. Treat the neckline, seam and hem. In the chest area can cause the character colors. If you want more stable results, cut the character out of the fabric from which sew the whole costume on, and carefully baste it.
Now it remains to make only a belt, a garter and a headband. Belt sew direct from the leaf tissue in the form of a narrow rectangle. One edge of the fabric fold on the inside hem to him a few strips of cloth across and then fold the main piece of fabric in half and on the other hand stitch it with the edge of the other side. As for the headbands, it is possible to make small paintings. Fold it in half, sew from inside then turn on the front side. Now you can tie it around your head.
It remains only to pick up the remaining accessories - shoes and weapons. And your ninja is ready for the holiday!