Business style in clothes should be feminine, but not sexy. Therefore, it eliminates the baggy suits of dark tones. However, remember that you came into the office to work and not to walk past the Manager's office in the shining blouses with a deep neckline. In dress and manners be careful as if every day you come to the interview.
To work in a reputable company to purchase at least a couple of costumes, such as Trouser and skirt or dark and light. Prefer clothes made of natural fabrics. When lax dress code, you can afford dresses in business style, and can also wear a blouse with a skirt or pants. Try to stick to the rule that a bottom should be darker than the top. Long skirts or short over-the-knee leave it on for hours. Do not overdo the cuts.
Colors of blouses and shirts should be soft, choose soft shades of pearl, blue, violet colors. Discard frilly collars and sleeves, and lace and ruffles. In hot weather wear blouses with short sleeves in length three quarters. In any case, do not wear sleeveless shirts or tank tops: your shoulders should always be covered, and the neckline is not demolition. Skirts and dress business style always wear it with tights.
Special attention in the image of Secretary deserves shoes. The color of shoes should be in tone with the costume, pants or skirt. Mandatory rule: wear shoes with closed toe and heel. The ideal heel height is 5-7 cm In offices of large and medium companies are not allowed to wear ballet flats or shoes on a high platform.
General rules concerning the appearance of the Secretary are to: give preference to light makeup (mascara, and discreet lipstick, "weightless" powder and blush), collected in the hair hair and a perfect manicure with natural nail oval and almost colourless varnish. Choose a perfume with a subtle scent. Don't wear gold with silver or jewelry.