In the middle ages leopard print clothing was a sign of wealth and power. Later Christian Dior in one of his collections was created by the famous leopard print dress. With leopard pattern became fashionable and other animal prints. Once such coloring was not fancy, but some time later, the designers once again drew attention to them.

Fashionistas should be more careful when choosing things such colours. A maximum of two things can be in a single image, including a leopard print coat and they should be similar in material and color. Don't put together two animal skins together, they don't mix. Owners of magnificent forms should not choose leopard print pants and skirts, they do not combine with this type of figure.

Shoes and belt leopard look great together, but things must be made of high quality and expensive materials, otherwise you will spoil the whole your image. Leopard print combined with embroidery, sequins, drawings, which include peas, flowers or a cage.

Start using this color in the wardrobe is better with the small details, for example, choose a scarf, strap, bag. This color is best combined with black, beige, gray tones. Spectacular is the combination of the leopard with turquoise, yellow, purple flowers.

To create a dressed-up look animal the color can be combined with red color. You can also complement red dress with leopard accessories. Leopard print is combined with denim fabrics. These things just combine together.

Picking up a leopard image, most importantly, to feel the measure, and the image will then be refined and stylish.