Now leggings are made of various fabrics and also produced in any color, so it will be easy to match them to different images. Leg warmers are used as an element of the form players, and put them on the East high school girls as part of school uniform.

Properly fitted leggings will emphasize the beauty of legs and also combine perfectly with any Shoe: sneakers, sneakers or shoes with a heel. It is very fashionable to wear leggings with boots. Feel free to wear leggings with boots. This accessory can be worn over shoes or tuck inside. If the Shoe heels, then just slightly close the gaiters heel.

Girls with skinny legs you can wear knitted leggings and voluminous. Owners of magnificent forms will fit leggings from nylon. High gaiters is able to visually lengthen legs. However, girls with short stature do not need to carry them assembled like an accordion.

Knitted leg warmers will look great with a set of scarf, gloves and a hat or beret, made in the same style. They can be worn with a knitted sweater, tunic or dress.

There is a small rule that's worth following. Multi-colored leggings must be worn with a plain things. Long leggings should be combined with short clothes, and short leggings with long things. When it comes to socks, don't forget about the fingerless gloves. Because mittens is leggings, only worn on the hands. In the winter they will look perfectly together and will warm your hands and feet. Also add winter sets scarves and hats.

Experiment and create a new image with this cute accessory!