Since ancient times this accessory was used for evening gowns. Lace, velvet and silk, perfectly complemented formal dresses. But today it is an integral part of the autumn image. They go perfectly with the coat with cropped sleeves. Textile and color scheme of this attribute are not limited to, from rigorous classic to creative solutions.

Short gloves look great with sleeves of any length. They are able to emphasize the elegance of the wrist and hands of every fashionista.

Fashionable and bold look fingerless gloves. In addition, they allow to demonstrate all the delights of fingers, a beautiful manicure and various decorations. This looks rather unusual accessory in the combination of sequin, various design details.

Really surprise able knit knitted gloves. They look warm and cozy. They are incredibly comfortable and fit under sweaters, capes and ponchos. These accessories are available in a variety of colors. A special highlight is the variety of knitted patterns.


As for the gloves textures, the ideas here designers have no boundaries. Leading position takes the skin of reptiles. However, she does not have to be natural, it is quite suitable and more economical and humane option.

Nylon, exquisite lace and fine knit also looks extraordinary and quite interesting. These gloves will be a real dyeing any outfit. Colors knows no bounds, the main thing is that the gloves matched the outfit perfectly complemented or was his main focus.