Currently, epidemics do not occur, are most often isolated cases. Called disease particular bacteria Bacillus anthracis.

The source of disease is sick herbivores: cows, horses, sheep and camels.

Obtained from the patient animal's coat and skin can pose a threat to several years.

Transmission of the infection may be quite varied:

is in direct contact with the animal in the care of him,

- in the butchering and preparation of meat of a sick animal

- bacteria enter to human through broken skin or mucous membrane microtrauma,

- you can become infected by inhaling the spores of this infection.

When airborne transmission risk of infection is nearly one hundred percent.

People who have had similar illness is observed to develop a strong immune system, causing re-infection is unlikely. The latent period of the disease lasts only a few days, but can be extended to two weeks.

The disease can manifest as cutaneous and generalized forms. For skin, characterized by the fact that it is found almost95% of all cases of this disease.


On the skin and in the place subjected to the active action of the causative agent of the disease appears a small red spot. Then in a very short time this spot forms a papule that has a reddish – menoufy shade, there is local itching and a slight burning sensation in this place. Just a couple of hours there is a transformation of papules into vesicles, filled with original content quickly acquiring a bloody hue.

The next phase of development of the disease is characterized by ulcers, with raised edges, on which there is the appearance of the secondary vesicles, extending later all the stages again. As a result of their opening, there is a merging and a significant spread of the sores. After a few days, in rare cases, two weeks later, at the bottom of the wound formed a black scab, which is characterized by a rapid increase in size. In General, the size of the ulcer can be from five to ten inches. By the end of the second week occurs the separation of the eschar, the ulcer heals with scarring.

Early in the disease there is a General intoxication, fever, aches throughout the body, pain in the head.


The treatment of the disease consists of antibiotics and drugs, which reduce overall toxicity of the body. On the location of ulcer, aseptic bandage is applied.

The patient is isolated and sent to the infectious Department.