It is the dream makes to move humanity forward: to develop a new politics and Economics, to build and create, break and destroy, to move into the future with specific goals, without which life on Earth would be, in principle, not needed. Children's dreams is only the beginning in which the world is perceived as a constructor for any actions of any of the undertakings and achievements. In older age, ideas become more vital, more mundane, more rational. But sometimes you want to throw off the mask of seriousness and dive into the world of desires, where everything is possible and achievable, where achieving results is the main occupation, and personal achievement always held in high esteem.

Sometimes our visiting ideas you can implement small force and cost, sometimes to their implementation's monotonous and hard work. And the more energy invested in the idea, the dearer it becomes to humans, the more he to her "strong liking". And with this, one simply needs support in all his endeavors, even this simple wish of good luck – that means a lot, believe me! At best you will gain friends and associates who will work with you side-by-side, helping to overcome difficulties, to teach, to learn and to consult. Man is not a separate unit, and self-development cannot be achieved without considering how to treat others.

Though sometimes the ideas seem meaningless in the global scale, but they are only steps in the development of the self, stages of a long road to become famous or famous. And at the end of the realization and implementation of each idea to its full perfection, each will find a just reward, above all to yourself – a moment of glory worth striving for, always and everywhere, whatever business you do, what problems not researched whatever he was fond of in life.