First and foremost, learn to feel and understand yourself to distinguish your own desires from the desires of their friends and relatives. Learn to separate your desires from others to realize their own needs in life.
Be yourself – live your own life, do what interests you, learn to distinguish your own dreams from many others. Remember your old dreams, think about what you need to translate them into reality.
Think what you want, and try to only do what you really like. Then think about what you don't like in your life, and what you would like to change, and do you have enough willingness and courage to refuse what you don't like despite public opinion.
Get rid of opinions imposed on you by other people, TV and other media – be personality, strive to form their own unique style and live on their own, realizing the needs of his soul.
Focus on your dream and feel how close you are to its implementation. If you are on the right path, you will feel at the thought of his dream of lightness and enthusiasm. Remember that there is nothing impossible the realization of your desires depends on your own confidence. All you need to know is what performance dreams will make you happy and that your dream sooner or later will come true.
Take the first step towards his dream, and further action will not be for you. Learn not to pay attention to the obstacles and excuses of other people – to move forward no matter what, and eventually you will achieve the desired.