Thanks to a great selection of fabrics for curtains and ready-made curtains in the salons of the cities to change "clothes" for your Windows as often as you like. It's pretty simple: take a look at all the rooms, think about what colors you are missing, and feel free to head to the curtain of the Studio at the new sensation and great mood.

As the fashion clothes, the interiors of our apartments returns from the past manner to buy textile in small or large square. Hit of the season is "tartan". It is used for curtains in the style of England, used for upholstery, carved out of her pillow. The colour scheme is not only your personal preferences, and holistic interior coloristics. You can take a blue-and-white cell, which resembles summer, sea water, or the traditional green-red, corresponding the autumn mood. But the most relevant designers this season, find a cell in a milk-coffee colors – these curtains are appropriate for almost every interior. If you find the right shade or design you can not, try to contact the company, making curtains, where you will create unique things.

Essential for creating the mood I advise you to focus on colorful tulle that decorate your home in vibrant colors. Sublime matte tulle, iridescent or lace – it depends only on your desire. Importantly, the choice fell not just on the fashion fabric and fit high quality curtains, but also take into account the atmosphere you intend to create in your abode. Tulle red shades surprisingly good! You should take one fabric a little tighter on the properties and juicier in color and complement it perfectly transparent, but made in the same tone. Tulle fabric can be made and cushions – saturated, multicolored. The combination of different and sometimes contrasting colors – quite relevant in the present trend.