• 11 apples (different varieties);
  • 1 handful of almonds;
  • 1 handful prunes;
  • 4 tbsp sugar syrup (agave).


  1. Apples to wash, but not peel. Recommended for variety of taste to take apples of several varieties, but the same size so they bake evenly.
  2. The apples, carefully remove the core using special cleaning) so that the hole was only on one side. It is necessary that agave does not leak when baking on a baking sheet, and survived in the bullseye.
  3. Put the prunes in a bowl, pour hot water and leave to stand until soft. If the prune itself is soft, then you can skip this procedure.
  4. Almonds are also put into a deep bowl, pour hot water and leave to stand for 5-7 minutes. Then the hot water is drained, and the almonds are thoroughly rinsed with cold water and want to clean. This procedure will make the almonds a little softer and softer.
  5. Take a baking sheet (form) for baking and cover it with parchment paper.
  6. On paper lay out all the apples, placing them with the hole facing up.
  7. Each Apple stuffed with almonds and prunes, and stuffing to pour sugar syrup.
  8. Send a baking sheet for 40-50 minutes in the oven preheated to 180 degrees. The time of roasting may vary, as each oven has its own characteristics. This factor must be taken into account.
  9. Ready apples baked with prunes and almonds, remove from oven, slightly cool, transfer to a platter and serve as dessert.