The first thing is to stick to austerity is the provision of information to visitors. Many pop-UPS with ads and poorly presented information would only scare off visitors. And the same information will go to look to competitors.

It is also worth to spend much of his time and attention to the colors of the site. Abundance neoclasica paint can cause irritation to visitors. Also bad for your website a color palette is not fitting the subject of the resource.

The next item we'll look at this pop-up window. Before something to hide, or slide over the edge, it is worth considering whether this is necessary. If after reflection you are convinced of the need of a function that should take care of is to make it work in all major browsers. If it is not possible to establish a precise Supplement, it is better to refuse.

Following a important part of website navigation. Make your visitor may get lost on your resource in finding needed information. You should take care simple, but convenient menu. Also a big plus would be if the user at the end of any articles you will see links to similar information.

If the website is not working the whole team, it is not necessary to clutter up the resource information. It should be enough to answer any question relevant to the subject of the resource. Because the first thing a visitor pays no attention to anything except what I was looking for initially. After a completed task, the client pays attention to the rest of the resource, thinking that can find answers to other questions. If the resource is cluttered, then you visited the customer and will not find what I was looking for. Disappointed in your site, and go look for answers elsewhere. You should pay attention not only on the quality and usefulness of the information presented, but also on its design, is a big plus brief content articles, split them into sections. Then the time for searching the right information on your resource will be reduced.

This is just a small part of what you should consider when creating your own website. Importantly, your website approached the audience which you targeted.