The combination of colors

1. Bright tights are well suited to the clothing of black, brown and grey shades. This combination will be original and apestry.

2. Look good wearing in the tone of the tights, jewelry, belt, small bags. Fashion experts recommend combining no more than three colors.

3. Colored tights, combined with shoes of bright colors, along with a dress or skirt accentuates the legs.

4. White tights make the look delicate and feminine. They can be worn with denim skirts, clothing, knitwear and various tunics.

5. Tights with lurex will add a festive outfit. They will fit almost any clothes. These tights will be a perfect thing for a club party.

6. The color of the tights may vary, but the most "delicious" are: pink, purple, celadon.

7. Unusual and stylish tights bright colors look great with short dress or mini skirt.

8. You should choose shades that will contrast with each other.

9. The tights are gray and white can be worn with clothing that has lace, and denim clothing. To avoid any doubt about the compatibility of the selected color tights, you can just buy a plain accessory, it can be a scarf, belt or jewelry.

The combination of textures

1. Fashion tights - tattoo, them you can wear clothes in pastel or dark shades.

2. Tights with embroidery and interior design blends harmoniously with the things of pastel colours.

3. Fishnet tights with patterns are ideal for slim legs.

4. Back in Vogue the high black socks on top of tights, in cold weather, they will become a favorite staple for fashionistas.

5. Fishnet and knitted stylish look with Bonforte and high boots.

Of shoes it is better to choose a feminine model. Shoes may be heeled without it. Do not wear colored tights with athletic shoes. Of options with what to wear this garment a lot, the main thing - to find your style and create a bright and fresh look.