Huge variety of hours puzzling because it is hard to choose. So let's look at the basic criteria in choosing hours. First and foremost characteristics. It is necessary to pay great attention to not only appearance but also their properties.

The types of mechanisms

Mechanical for quite a long period of time do not go out of fashion. Among the many advantages, such as reliability and durability, the only drawback of a mechanical watch is considered to be a constant need to have them.

Electronic. They are not required to have, but they are durable.

Types of materials

Gold. Watch from the prestigious category, which have a high cost a More affordable option are the stainless steel watch.

Aluminium – the most affordable model, but too prone to mechanical damage.

Plastic. Despite the controversial opinions, the watch has high quality.

A variety of design hours

Every girl dreams to have at least a few pairs of hours. Each of them must be combined with a certain category of clothing.

All models can be divided:

  • Fashion. Judging from the name, this watch is for fashionable girls. They play a decorative role. Popular with its versatile design.
  • Dress. Watches for girls involved in the business. They are a good match with business suit. I have fairly good health and have quite a stylish look.
  • Jewerly. Watch for the wealthy, because are made only from precious metals.

The above model is only a small part of the total abundance range. Everyone can find a version of the soul.