You all probably heard about the Cologne Cathedral – one of the symbols of this wonderful city. In addition to this attraction, almost the entire city was in ruins after the well-known Second world war. However, the Germans were still able to restore your town that you can walk yourself to appreciate its beauty and sophistication.

As in most major German cities, popular traditional German cuisine that is certainly worth a try. Lots of different Breweries, bakeries, bakeries, restaurants and cafes - anything of your choice.

The most popular places in Germany is, of course, beer. Almost all beer lovers dream to visit this incredible and wonderful country and taste real German beer. As one of the best brewing countries is Germany, you just have to visit at least one of them, even if you don't drink beer.

The name of the traditional Cologne beer, Kolsch, which you get in almost all pubs and bars. Pour it in a container called Stangen, which amounts to 0.2 liters. If this portion is too small for you – do not worry. Usually the waiters do not ask if you need more additive, if the waiter sees that you finish your drink, it will certainly serve you again.

If the entertainment part is over, you should look to the urban attractions that the city is teeming with. Cologne architecture will be able to appreciate not only art lovers, but also ordinary tourists: churches in the Romanesque style (which the city has 12) and in the Gothic, and various museums for the true connoisseurs of history.

Now back to the Cologne Cathedral, so to speak, the face of the city. The massive architecture in the Gothic style, with many towers and spires, enchants with its beauty from afar. Approaching it closely, you will immediately want to go inside. Statues, and various relics and cultural treasures – all this may be of interest to even the most experienced traveler.

But if you still decide to enjoy the beauty of the Cathedral from afar, it is best to do on the other side of the panoramic platform at the railway station of the Rhine.

Also, the city has many museums – both historical and modern. The Opera, theatres, Botanical gardens – here is a Paradise for lovers of culture and high art.

If you plan to not only entertain, but also culturally to relax and enjoy the art – then this city is for you. It shows the beauty and elegance of such a wonderful country like Germany. Many tourists from different cities, countries and continents dream to visit Cologne to see for themselves how beautiful this city – from its historic centre to the modern residential districts.

If you love to travel then you must visit Cologne!