Set shape "die Fledermaus"

Is very popular among all ages due to its practicality and comfort. As a rule, summer often gives people with his merciless bright rays of the sun that causes excessive sweating. Form "bat", which implies a loose fit in the arms, can be very effectively mask the sweating, and no one standing beside people just do not see this nuance. Besides, to create such models are used mainly as light as possible tissue.

Top with open back

This model has regained the dominant position against the future of the summer season. For the first time this model was on the podium of popularity among young people in the early 2000-ies, but the replacement came a new form that is relevant for that time. Today's model is more advanced and, as a rule, the exposed back is adorned with additional decorations. The most popular decoration is a large bow or sewn a chain with a pendant, which is attached to the shoulders and gently lowered to the area of the back. In front of such top, not highlighted in a bold print or other decorations to avoid alapitasi and handling of the product.

Silk tops

The key point of these products is the fabric. It perfectly cools the skin and prevents overheating the body in the scorching hot summer days. Therefore deserves the attention of office workers who spend a lot of time in the workplace. The biggest advantage of such models is the versatility of combinations. They can be combined with both skirts and classic trousers or even leggings, depending on the length of the product. Due to such trends, we can create any style and party wear for Hiking.