Face shape

Round. In this case, the distance from forehead to chin and between the edges of the same cheekbones, and the jawline smooth, rounded. The emphasis should be to lengthen the face. Best suited hairstyles with long hair, but if like the short length, it is better to choose the speed option.

Square. The above distances are also equal, but the jawline more angular and straight. In this case, you will approach the high hairstyles of various lengths.

An oval face is considered ideal. And if you are a happy possessor of such a type, you can use any hairstyle and bangs.

Consider the height

High girls will suit long hair. Short will make the head smaller in comparison with the entire length of the body.

Owner of small stature should prefer short haircuts.

Focus on parts of the face

If you have a prominent nose, you can hide it with bangs. Snub nose would look so much cuter with raised hair.

Small the facial features are in harmony with small curls.

With the help of lush hair and large curls you can correct close-set eyes.

Not meeting the size or shape of the ears can also hide under the lush haircut.

Hair type

The owners of hair is oily it is recommended to wear hair, short or medium length.

For those who have dry hair, you need to have haircuts that do not require special care and styling. Girls with thinning hair you should choose haircut so-called ragged type, from medium to minimum length.

For thick hair suit different types of curls, but very harmonious look will haircuts, medium length, with various types of bangs.

Absolutely any person will approach the curls, but their formation need to take into account the natural direction of hair growth.