This season we are offering hats for beach recreation and sports version. For the beach comfortable to wear a hat with a wide brim hat flat top black-and-white coloring and colorful Panama.

Sporty style offers us a multi-colored hats and caps that can be easily combined not only with shorts but also with a summer dress. Apart from hats and caps, popular scarves and headbands of different bright colors. This accessory can be tied in a turban in the usual way, in the form of the rim - as you imagination allows.

The range of belt this year is also full of surprises. In it we proposed a thin belt, wide belt that can be decorated with different ornaments and different variety of colors.

Bag, the next fashion accessory that you should pay attention. This summer in fashion world returned bag. It affects the types of material: fur, leather, and all kinds of ornaments and different colors.

Bracelets, earrings, rings and watches are considered an essential part of the wardrobe of any girl. Earrings, the next a stylish accessory that can complement the original image. In fashion to wear earrings that are included in different sets, combining them as one set in one earlobe. This accessory can be decorated with various stones, thread, veins.

The range of bracelets offers kinds, decorated with stones, made of leather, various fabrics and with different colours. Wear them according to fashion stylists, can several at once.

Rings can also have different shapes, sizes and colors. They are recommended to carry multiple, decorating not one, but two or three fingers. According to the designers, it is desirable to wear a ring belonging to one thematic group: with stones and beads.

Watch, accessory, closes this review of fashion in 2016. This kind of decoration is often used instead of a bracelet, completing one or another way. A watch has always been a trendy attribute of the closet and has not lost its appeal. This year there is a huge selection of colors, shapes and types of watches for all tastes, all ages and financial position.

Each accessory complements your individual image. Create images and follow fashion.