The Mountain Of DOI Inthanon

The highest mountain of the Kingdom, the height of 2565 m, which offers stunning views of the national Park, located around the mountain. Before departure you should get a map of the area, as the reserve is quite large, its area is about 1 sq. km way to the top is to start at one of the many paths that'll lead you upstairs, on the way you can see caves, villages of the tribes living here, to see the waterfall Mae Klang, it is especially beautiful in the rainy season. Bird lovers will love the Park feathered inhabitants it is home to many birds.

DOI Suthep Temple

According to legend, the temple was built on the site of the death of a Royal white elephant, the road to the temple is through the serpentine. Part of the path can be reached by rented car or taxi, but to get on the temple itself will fail. The road is interrupted at the base of the mountains, then there are two ways people with good physical training can climb the stairs, the stairs are quite steep, consists of 290 steps. There is a second, easier way is to climb over the rail. On the top of the mountain is the monastery, and in clear weather the mountains offer beautiful views of Chiang Mai.

Palace Phu Phing

The Palace is a working Royal residence, is open all year round, with the exception of the time when there comes the Royal family. Was built in 1961 for families during visits to Chiang Mai, usually it happens in the period from December to end of January. The Palace was built in Thai style, surrounded by gardens with lots of colorful exotic flowers. The Palace is situated 4 km from the road to the DOI Suthep temple.

The Village Of Ban DOI Pui

The village is inhabited by a tribe of MEO, they are known for addiction to opium and colorful colorful robes. Here you can get acquainted with the culture of the tribe and local crafts – musical instruments, objects made of bamboo, embroidered with silver costumes.

The valley of Mae Sa is a real Museum under the open sky, you can see all dreams of a traveler: how elephants are trained, bred butterflies and snakes, grow orchids, in the valley of the many tribal villages, waterfalls. It should be noted that the interest of tourists to these places have left their mark, now everything here is made for tourists and to see the primitive, untouched by civilization Thailand will not work here.

Wat Rong Khun – an unusual and amazing place consists of a unique composition of temples made of alabaster, inlaid with mirrors. The temple was so white that dazzles the eye. The temple complex is especially beautiful in the morning sun. The complex is not a historic landmark, having been built in 1997, however, its construction continues to this day.