To reduce overly broad nose need powder on the tone or two darker than the color of your skin and a concealer that is somewhere as lighter. Draw a fixed line bridge: the bridge of the nose is a small flat brush apply the powder and blend downward. Do not try too hard to narrow the nose, otherwise the trick will be visible. Then add a little powder under the nose, and concealer – in the center of the nose and also blend.

Chubby cheeks's easy to narrow down in the following way. This would require two kinds of blush, or one kind of blush and powder. First, a pale pink or peach, with a brush apply from the middle of the cheeks, moving to his temples, shade that will lengthen the face. To highlight cheekbones, use blush sand color. Instead, you can take a powder a few shades darker than your skin. The second blush or powder applied under the cheekbone and shade gently aimed to her lips, their corners. The same blush applied from the top of the cheekbones to the temples and mix with the first.

To soften the contour of a pointed chin, apply a little powder-a highlighter at the center. Its soft feather will give you a round silhouette. To complement the makeup you matte darker powder on the tip of the chin, under it and around his circuit: this is further expressive correct line.

To create the illusion of a smaller forehead, it will take a broad brush and the same darker powder that was used before. The powder should be applied to free strokes on the hairline and temporal area, and then blend until soft and polarizibility tone. At the center of the forehead apply powder with a matte effect that will make volume seem less.

But to give lips a natural volume harder, it will require more steps. First – moisturizing balm. It does not necessarily apply, but it will soften and keep the lips. Then the contour of the lips, top and bottom, apply and blend with your fingers cream highlighter. It can be a bit on the center of the lips for swelling. And the last lipstick in a natural color for all lips. And it is important not to apply it too thickly, as it will lost all the previous efforts. You can use glitter, giving the effect of volume.