In a woman's wardrobe should be dresses, skirts, and pants, and, of course, tops. Blouses also not much happens. It is clear that the classic white shirt is essential, but it does not go far. In summer, you cannot restrict yourself to choosing the outfits. Besides, why get hung up on just one version of the blouses, when they now so much? There are as eternal models, and those that will be relevant in the new fashion season, so every woman will choose for themselves something suitable.

The most current models – the ones with bare shoulders. They are good because they simultaneously add to the image of femininity and sexuality. Without a hint of vulgarity or pretentiousness, those shirts still attract male attention. They have no neck, but that is better. In addition, to combine these models with anything from jeans to skirts MIDI, and thereby create the most relevant images of this summer.

In the second place the blouse in the linen style. Pajama style at all at the peak, but it is quite clear that not all the ladies dare to such high-profile experiments. But even the most timid nature can afford at least one such blouse in the closet. Combining it with denim, it is possible to create a balanced and thoughtful way, to deviate slightly from the pajama theme, but to be in trend.

Even more interesting will look translucent model organza or mesh. However, it is not necessary to show everything at once, it is better to choose closed models of light pastel shades, nothing flashy. That outfit does not have a controversial Association. It is better to be as discreet in the choice of accessories, abandoning the shoes with heels in favor of sandals concise.

If we talk about colors, here the ball is ruled by the flowers, the finer will be the pattern, the better. Even better if the blouse is designed in retro style, for example, models buttoned directly under the throat. Thus, only one thing will combine two current trends.

Don't forget about white blouses and shirts, although more popular in the current season will use the blue options. In General, all without exception is precisely to acquire his personal collection at least one blouse, the excess will not be exact.