Things black can be both classic and modern, they are well-worn and permanently retain a neat appearance. Still, when choosing black, consider that in some cases it can look pretty dull. The holders of the pale faces should be cautious in a choice of black, it can give a person a painful pallor. Swarthy olive skin color will be yellow on a black background. The upper part of the clothes might look too bleak, but the bottom will fit almost every woman.

With age women to wear black color becomes more difficult, it makes younger, but rather highlights the age. If you wish to wear black top, you must pick up contrast hem, colour should be bright. Black would look great on tanned skin.

The clothes of black colors may have an ugly appearance due to the fabrics poor quality. After several washes, this product will look awful. It is best to choose high-quality fabrics, such as wool, chiffon or silk — they look luxurious and have good wear resistance. It is important to choose things in size, they should not be too tight or too loose.

There are many shades of black. The fabric usually differ by color. As basic things stylists recommend women to have in her wardrobe a black turtleneck. It can be combined with various items of clothing and accessories.

How to wear and what to combine black

Black will help to correct the shortcomings of certain parts of the body, the abdomen, chest or thigh. The image must fit at least one bright hue.

Bright colors perfectly suited to the black, such as red, purple, pink.

To dilute the rich black helps white blouse.

To black clothing perfect natural makeup.

Black color is always elegant, but sometimes do not forget about the bright rich colors, especially in the summer, they will enhance the mood and make the look charming and easy.