Most interesting is that this kind of dresses has a complex structure and several subspecies, which are popular among girls and women of all ages. It is a mistake to assume that this cut is used only by ladies with curvaceous. Does sleek and lean physique ladies are also not averse to take advantage of the new trend that will hide figure flaws and beneficial will help to emphasize the dignity. Looks incorrect and such a statement is that the shortcomings of the figures have the only possessor of magnificent forms, and each build they own, whether full or not.

Dress hoodie

As a rule, is very popular among women, having a slim structure of the body. This is due to the intricate design of the dress typically has a tapered shape from top to bottom, highlighting the slender legs and adds volume to the torso, which is not enough. Also, this dress will look stylish with light shoes. Ideal for such style Slippers-slips.

Dress "And" casual

Ideal classical type, which is suitable for owners of magnificent forms. The beauty of the silhouette is that the upper part of the dress is quite fit and from the waist - the second part is sewn casual, concealing all the flaws of the figure. It is understood that the fitted top in any case not fat, but rather highlights the waist, which creates the effect of shape "hourglass". The perfect addition to this dress will serve shoes classic style low heel.

Sports dresses casual

These dresses usually are popular among young people. They have no intricate designs, just straight cut. As a rule, the maximum length of a dress below the knee. An excellent option for every day. Good to be combined with sneakers or sneakers of any color, if the dress is plain, it will be very stylish looking shoes with a print.