The majority of females, the choice falls on the acquisition of lipstick red, but seizing any color, they remain unhappy, because it can absolutely they can come. Actually, in this one case the whole thrust to this color and it ends, just say red lipstick is not for them.

All this is entirely a delusion, remember, red lipstick is absolutely everything. There is no woman, whoever she approached. In addition, this lipstick suitable for any occasion, be it a job interview, a walk, a date or a celebratory trip to the restaurant.

The main thing - to choose the right shade. Red lipstick has a very diverse range of colors from very bright, busy until dark. The choice depends on many things. Start choosing the right lipstick.

First, pay attention to your skin tone, so:

Fair - skinned ladies should go for the colours close to natural, from pink to plum.

The girl with dark skin tone can you buy darker shades, for example wine.

Secondly, consider the color of your eyes:

- Blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls should choose any shade of pink color, any intensity, they will look gorgeous saturated red, for example Burgundy color.

- Brown-eyed predstavitelyam the weaker sex, you should choose brown and beige tones.

- And green-eyed should opt for a pink color, but they fit and orange lipstick.

Thirdly, the huge role is played by the color of your hair:

- Blondes can stay on the pink shades, but, for example, on some gala night, you can pick up more causing lipstick.

Red should choose a warm color lipstick, peach or brown.

- If you're a brunette with light skin, there's almost no restrictions in the choice of lipstick that color.

Correctly chosen lipstick you will be able to attract numerous looks and stand out from the crowd.