You will need
  • - lipstick;
  • - mirror.
Woman osenneje Golden skin tone, dark or light hair ryjenko, hazel or green eyes – here is a portrait of women from the autumn. Such women suitable lipstick warm autumn shades of maroon, crimson, brown, orange.
Woman timanina pinkish-porcelain skin, very dark hair, grey, blue or brown eyes: woman-winter – a real snow Queen. Such a contrast to the appearance need a bright lipstick. For example, red, dark red, Burgundy, dark purple.
Woman vietnamerica gentle beauty of women of spring recalls the March of freshness forest spring flowers, the gentle haze of the first leaves. Light skin, blue or gray eyes, brown hair: the woman-spring – a woman whose appearance is called a typically Slavic. Spring ladies contraindicated in bright shades of lipstick. Their lipstick – pearl (satin) with pink, plum, beige and purple shades.
Woman summer Summer women irresistible. Gray-brown or green eyes, creamy skin, blond or chestnut hair that rubs women the summer. Raspberry, cherry, wine, blue-red, pink, fuchsia are the colors for "old" ladies.