You should also highlight the main advantages of this kind of advertising:

  • Great flexibility in the choice audience of potential buyers, the ability to create a clear focus ads on particular social group.
  • No binding to the territorial location of the user. This means that if the advertising campaign created in the same city, the ad spread will not be limited only to them.
  • Availability at any time of the day, due to the complete automation of the advertising services.
  • Information can be presented in full and without restrictions.

Sometimes, interested in distributing their product, the user is puzzled about choosing the right way of advertising. Therefore, it is necessary to allocate common types and to consider the benefits of each.

Banner advertising type makes it possible to make an appeal to the visitor is the most vivid: to make an announcement rich colors that demonstrate the positive traits of the product and attracting the visitor's attention with its distinct visual component. However, we should not forget that despite the effectiveness of this method, you should avoid Intrusive display of banners in order to avoid the reverse effect.

Contextual advertising. A very popular method that involves paying for each click on the ad. Also there is the possibility of targeting, which prevents the costs of untargeted visitors. This type of advertising is appropriate for a product that only recently came on the market. In other cases, contextual advertising can be applied to attract audience resources, search engines.

The third method is search engine optimization that requires its own website and at least basic knowledge in HTML. This method is not the best choice, as it was very temporary (and sometimes financial) costs and low speed of advance.