You will need
  • Internet, e-mail Gmail, an electronic means of payment.
Create and activate your account via the link to get started with AdWords advertising service you need. If you do not have a mailbox on Google, then it will have to register by choosing a user name and password. Created Gmail address will be sent an email with a link to activate your AdWords account.
Click on the link in your AdWords account, click on the "Create your first campaign". Set the desired listing in the proposed program form, including the header and the main text. Pay special attention to keyword selection. This will allow you to show your ads only to potentially interested in the proposed information to users. A list of words and their number, you can adjust at any time.
Define daily budget of the advertising campaign, including cost per click (the price you pay when a user clicks on your ad).
Enter in the appropriate field in your payment information to activate your ads. After that, the data appears under "Campaigns" for three hours. The ad can be suspended or discontinued at any time.
Before creating the ad clearly identify your audience and based on that formulate an advertising offer. You must strive to ensure that clicks on your ad was only from interested users, and the random - intercept.
Please note that the link of your ad, led it to the page on your website that contains the specified promotional offer.
Don't forget to monitor your ads, adjusting ad if necessary and eliminating the "broken" word.
Text ads to use compelling words that cause a positive reaction ("discount "gift", "guarantee", "chance" and others). Also in some cases is to use a call to action ("go", "use", "hurry", etc.).