Method 1. Top

New shirt makes the suit a new look. You can choose basic colors - white and light blue is a classic color. You can choose a fun color. For example, yellow will lift the mood for the whole day. Black shirt to accentuate shape.


Shirt line is a great choice. But it is not necessary to wear a shirt with a fashionable and bold print, leave it for the home. If the creative atmosphere, you can wear interesting and original t-shirt.

You can opt from shirts and to wear under suit jackets. This will give a modest and conservative image.

Method 2. Accessories

Accessories freshen up an outfit, especially if they frequently change. You can decorate a tie. This is the only thing the man is able to decorate your costume. You can experiment with color, fabric, texture. The big plus is the tie. With the look and Flirty, and professional. If you look closely, you will notice that the fabric clothes is sewed from several colors of thread. It should be considered when selecting ties. A neck scarf completes the look.


Men can wear shoes of different colors, or loafers. Of course, it's a little difficult, because shoes is usually standard colors, but if you wear three pairs alternatively, it might jog suit. You can also wear shoes of the same color, but different patterns and fabrics. Finish shoes helps along look fresh. And the suit will be versatile.

Decorations give the image of originality and novelty. Cufflinks and watches for men. You can buy several types of cufflinks and wear them on a certain day of the week and hours. A tie tack can also be changed, giving way entertaining.

Women can wear beautiful but understated jewelry. They have to show a person's character and be interesting. Change the decorations daily. Today, the elegant pair of earrings, a bracelet tomorrow, the day after the pendant.

In addition, all things can be replaced. Combine the jacket with a skirt or pants with a jacket. Add something new to the image.