Strengths carpet

Use this floor covering is the owners who first of all pay attention to thermal and acoustic insulation. Carpet protects the room from heat loss, and does not enter it from outside noise. On the surface, covered with carpet, very pleasant to walk. Therefore, such material is ideally suited for a bedroom or nursery. It is also possible to appreciate the aesthetic possibilities of the carpet.

Disadvantages of carpets

On the other hand, carpeting is not too practical. He quickly becomes polluted, accumulates dust, deteriorate from moisture. To care for him is not easy, as this material dries long, comoedia and creates a lot of additional inconvenience. To withdraw odors from the carpet is also incredibly problematic.

Strengths linoleum

This material is ideal for owners who want to repair without spending a lot of money. Linoleum is inexpensive, but easy to cope with moisture and dirt. Such flooring will not absorb odors, resists abrasion and mechanical stress. Modern types of linoleum have high thermal and sound insulation. And finally, linoleum is suitable for almost any room, including living room, bathroom and kitchen.

Disadvantages of linoleum for the floor

The main drawback of linoleum is that it is not the most presentable appearance. In addition, most variants of this material has a slippery surface. Linoleum can not be subjected to serious heat treatment as it is able to deform.

What material to choose

It is now possible to say precisely which of these coverages to purchase. If the owner is primarily unpretentious and cheap floor, better stay on the linoleum. The same owners, which are in the first place comfort and a comfortable microclimate, more suitable for carpet.

It remains to remind you that the abovementioned advantages of both products are observed only under the condition that the purchased high quality material. So buy it from dubious sellers cannot be.