Parameters table dimensions depend on the manufacturer and the quality of the tights. A careful study of packaging and its contents will not be wrong. You need to pick up individually by the General rules: height, weight, and notation - Arabic (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Latin (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). Tights that got loose, forming folds, and too tight to wear. The fullness of the legs is a decisive factor in the choice.


1. Varicose fit tights with support (marked on the package "Support").

2. The elastic should be the width of 3-5 cm below the height of the skirt or pants.

3. "Modeling" will hide small flaws. Pullup with elastic above the waist is not only visually reduce hips and belly, but hide the folds of fat.

4. Tights with tight spout and a gusset (diamond shape connecting the stockings) will be worn longer.


1. Lycra ("spandex", "lycra") - is intended to maintain the shape, elasticity. Helps fit modeling effect and saves plexus. The optimum amount of lycra from 10 to 30 percent. The more, the stronger and more expensive tights. New 3D technology allows to produce ultra-thin nylon.

2. Nylon – microfibre – makes the tights more dense, soft and warm. Protect the skin in the autumn time of year.

3. Acrylic – artificial hair. Is more suitable for winter.

4. Spandex double obtrude with nylon thread (Double-covered) – additive affecting the softness, smoothness and durability of the tights.


DEN denotes the weight of the filaments in grams of 9000 meters long. For example: 20 DEN – 20 grams per 9 km. the greater the number, the higher the density of tights.

1. 5-10 – suitable for hot summer days and festive events. If a woman is associated with office work at any time of the year she must wear pantyhose and closed shoes.

2. 11-40 – for winter weather, as well as office style.

3. 70-200 – winter version. Protects from the cold, corrects the shape and protects from thrombosis of varicose veins. Suitable for more heavy shoes and warm outerwear.