Of course, free distance learning on the territory of the Russian Federation no. Typically, this method is used by people who want to get a second degree, or those students who work full time to be able to pay the tuition. But during the session all the students of distance learning are required to be in school for passing the exam subjects. By Internet, such procedures are not performed.

Like all applicants, people who want to take classes remotely are required to pass the entrance exams. At the moment, such a specific form of training applies to the humanitarian profession. For example, in the medical faculties are not trained by correspondence or remotely as a profession in the health sector is so complex that, according to many experts, it is simply impossible to study outside the walls of the school.

Therefore, distance learning is not for all disciplines. However, it was observed many students who chose this way of learning these kinds of lessons saves time, but the level of achievement is not reduced.

In addition, another advantage of this training is obtaining the same degree while studying full-time or extramural form. The difference in document no. In addition, distance learning gives an opportunity for many students to simulate and regulate the utilization of their graphics. Thus, today's young people to the possibility of combining education and work.

Previously, the students had an opportunity to earn money, while receiving minimum wage for their work. Now, almost from the beginning of their training, many students aspire to get a decent job and build a career, regardless of the learning process in higher education.

Distance education is a great opportunity for those who wish to combine the educational process with promotion and device at work as a permanent basis.