The efficiency of donkeys is reduced in the absence of the care of their hooves. To maintain the desired shape of hooves constantly monitor their regrowth and promptly correct the curvature of the Horny Shoe clearance (at least once a month). With the hard work on the stony ground donkey podsovyvaya, in all other cases the hoof from forging, you can opt-out of the hooves of donkeys differ enviable strength.

When working we must do our utmost to avoid excessive loads, especially when poor feeding. So, when the donkey work for a couple of days to 7-8 days, it is used for casual trips or deliveries under bagged, you can only keep the animal for grazing, but regular work will require a rich and full feeding. In the case of transition to the average load in the diet need to include concentrates and heavy – roughage and concentrates. Diet: Saman – 2 kg; wheat bran – 1 kg, hay – not less than 2 kg crushed barley – 1-2 kg. If donkeys by feeding keep the average fatness and normal functioning, we can safely speak of a sufficient feeding. Weight loss of the animal will indicate insufficient feeding.

To extend the high productivity of donkey through the correct operating mode. The stomachs of these animals are small, for this reason feeding should at least be a triple. If the animal is excited, it is impossible to drink. Not filled with ass are not attracted to roughage. Feed grain with simultaneous watering is also impossible. So working donkey should drink approximately 30 minutes before completion.

Donkey productive work 8-10 hours.

Under the usual pack for work melkomukova donkey the normal load is 60 kg, for medium animals – 80-85 kg, and for large individuals – 95 lbs. With this pack animal can cover in a day a distance equal to 35 km.

When working in harness on a flat road a donkey can carry a load three times greater than under pack, but the transition distance with such a burden is somewhat reduced. Note that the shafts in the harness donkeys should go parallel to the ground, then pulling power and is used especially full.

The efficiency of donkeys is declining with the advent of their nagneto that can reach very large sizes. Ninety appear due to a bad harness, and to avoid their occurrence, it is necessary to carefully monitor harness. Clammy needs to be thick enough, soft, without irregularities and zatverdevaniya. The girth should be wide enough; to use the rope instead of the girth, as if a strong puff she rubs his chest, and in light forms a gall on the back.

When Nagata it is necessary to take urgent measures for treatment of the animal, unless the damage has reached large dimensions. To warn of uncertainty and ninety, should daily examine all working donkeys, and with the appearance of the first signs of disease it is necessary to establish root cause, and then, if necessary, seek veterinary help and free the donkey for a few days from work.