Currently, this style has spread across the planet. Using it, you will always look fashionable and luxury to any unusual event.

What do you need?

Get new clothes in a regular store. A little imagination and you'll find matching your taste with a skirt and a blouse. Choosing to the toilet, do not forget about the nobility and romance of the Victorian century.

Blouse has a button-down shirt with a rounded collar. Although any good blouse that will not be excessively open. Think about sophistication and femininity. Lolita is a classic skirt with bell shape. Its length is above knee 5 cm or up to them.

It is preferable to use a variety of subtleties in the form of contrasting elements (barrette in her hair, a small graceful bow or flower). Popular large bows, although not forbidden the use of bows and medium sizes. Suitable accessory for your costume you can make yourself.

Will need a petticoat to hold the shape of the bell, and the effect of splendor will give a pair of knickers. Necessary attributes of the image also includes socks and opaque tights with attractive lace frill.

The appearance Lolita complement the shoes with a round toe closed form, small stable heels or platform with buckles.

The shape Lolita can complete using different accessories. They will bring the finishing touch to your image. Don't forget childish, choosing an umbrella for Lolita. The charm will give him satin ribbons in bows and a ruffled edge. Lolita Gothic direction would be to use an umbrella in black and classic Lolita prefer a delicate white or pink.

If the sleeve of short dresses, Lolita enjoys long gloves of satin or lace. Fascinating shade of all give all sorts of style handbags, reminiscent of a hearts in flounces and bows. Lolita costume jewelry consists of amazing bracelets and woven necklaces.

The attitude to the style of Lolita is ambiguous. Some do not understand this child's ease, but he touches everyone with its poignancy.