People are constantly haunted by the guilt feels like I did something wrong. In appearance these people also understand their attitude towards themselves, they cease to look after themselves, a sad facial expression, slouching. Very often reminded of their failures, constantly scrolling in the head, which further lowers self-esteem. The problem with these people is that they just haven't learned to love myself. The society around us will treat us the way we ourselves feel about ourselves. So you just need to love and respect yourself.

The struggle with uncertainty

You can start small. For example, when you feel sad, make yourself a little present or go to a cafe to indulge in a delicious cake. Girls can purchase a chic dress, do hair and go for a walk, catching yourself admiring glances, self-esteem will increase significantly. To give something to your loved one is very nice, why not bring joy to himself.

To learn how to praise yourself, even for some small victories, but they can be one of the steps to self-esteem. Scientists say that thoughts are material, so you need to control them. Think only about good things, visualize their dreams. Every day ten minutes before bedtime, imagine how you achieved success as you praise the boss or the audience applauds. It sincerely believe in their dreams. What thoughts are in your head, this will largely your life. Love yourself and be loved!