Stop the blame on others and complexes, seeing their dignity and recognizing at their absence. Sit quietly and tell yourself that you are not satisfied about their appearance, in his character, in his life. To visualize let's make it a list and write it down on paper. Now, slowly ponder each item and mark the ways to correct their shortcomings.
As far as looks go. If you think thick or you don't like your hair then this is easily remedied – training in the gym and exercise in the first case, a hydrating mask and a good haircut – in the second. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the nose, chest or legs, do not rush to make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon. Look around and you will realize that people are much less pretty than you, does not seem to be around a long time and happy in my personal life. So, it's not about looks.
The case is in your nature. If you ever are unhappy with themselves and don't love yourself, you don't think that you will love and others? Except, perhaps, selfless mother. So you need to change their attitude. Understand that you are no worse and no better than the rest, you just don't know how to set goals and strive to reach them, overcoming difficulties and hold hands at the sight of the slightest obstacle.
Accept yourself the way you are, but that doesn't mean that realizing your shortcomings, you will not change. Yes, now you are. But you can work on yourself and become better. Tell yourself this – do that. Start small. Cease to be late, then you don't have to cheat. Set a goal, break the path into steps and start driving. Do not give empty promises and always follow them. Start proud of yourself and you will love it. Self-improvement is a very fascinating process, you only start and you will not be able to stop.
Now, when you're working your appearance and character. Your life will change myself, and change for the better. Go for it!