1. Unopened packages. Purchases which you have made deliberately, tried on and chose, and came home without removing from the package, put it in the cupboard.

2. Irrational purchase. If you buy a seventh pair of shoes, and five similar is already there – it is a sure sign of a Shopaholic.

3. Relaxation. Once you someone to fight, you go straight to the store, so as to feel much better.

4. Adrenaline. Buying things, you feel a surge of energy.

5. Shopping is a mystery. You do not discuss with their loved ones that I love to go shopping and everything to gain, hiding.

6. Forgot my credit card. If you suddenly forgot your credit card, very nervous, and suddenly in the store you will like a good thing, but no money.

7. A sense of guilt. Going out shopping, you would think that doing something forbidden, and this can be followed by trouble. If at least four paragraphs you find a match, then you are a Shopaholic.

How to get rid of this addiction?

• Try to find a hobby that can distract you from shopping.

• Watch yourself and identify what forces you to make a purchase. It can be an emotional state or an event.

• The rule is that walking in the shop will in that case, if you need to buy a specific thing and the amount of money to take exactly one this purchase.

• Ask for help. Ask your friends or people close to you so they control you. Thanks to the support you can believe in yourself.