For fences of this type, usually erected strip Foundation. The fact that the brick wall is a massive, heavy structure, and in order to withstand its considerable weight, it is required to provide a more solid basis. Strip Foundation in this case is most suitable.

First of all, you will need to mark the borders of the future Foundation. It's easy enough - the ground around the perimeter pegs are driven, and between them is stretched a rope. This will keep the proper contours of the Foundation. Then dug a trench depth of from 40 to 80 cm higher Than the height of the fence, the deeper must be the trench or the Foundation for a brick fence can not withstand the weight.

Now you need to prepare a mixture. For its production will need cement, gravel and coarse sand in the ratio 1:4:4 (1 part cement, other components in 4 parts). Dry cement and sand should be stirred until smooth, then gradually add water. Then added the gravel. If you want to the strength of the Foundation was higher, the amount of sand can be a bit loud.

So, the concrete mix for the Foundation is ready! Now carefully pour it in the previously dug trench. However, there are caveats: the soil should not be too dry; too wet soil is not good, so we need to determine the condition of the soil, and if it is dry, it does not hurt to water. If the soil is very wet, have to dry.

If You want to give your Foundation for maximum strength, then you want to use in its construction rebar. It is important that between the reinforcing bars do not have any voids.

Actually, this work can be considered done. However, before you start laying brick, the Foundation must be given time to dry. Fully it "grab" just a few days.